June 15, 2024

Motion of Snap Circuits


Set your brain in motion and snap together a circuit of educational fun!

Snap circuits is essentially a set of building blocks with snaps for building electronic circuits that do all kinds of fascinating actions.

In this set, you’ll be building an amazing array of things that move.

Create a lighted fan that changes colors as it spins – A mechanical bug that actually crawls across the table.

Build an air fountain, a motion detector, or a colorful, animal-themed merry-go-round.

Even a mini-car that drives around the room, or a plane that moves with vibrations, plus so many more!

All the while, you’ll be learning all about how circuits work, how they connect to do different things, and how to imagine and create new circuits all on your own.

With over 160 projects to complete, plus all the circuits you’re encouraged to invent, there’s no telling just how far this circuit board will take you!

Easy to build and fun to create, the Snap Circuits Motion set sparks up a brain-strengthening circuit of educational action.

Snap Circuits Motion

  • Kit to build electronic circuits that make things move
  • Encourages fine motor skills, logic, focus, scientific learning
  • Kids boost brain power as they create and invent intricate circuits
  • Follow along with 168 projects to build circuits that make things move
  • 3 moving models to build – Crawler, mini-car, vibration airplane
  • Learn how circuitry and wiring works
  • Pieces snap together and onto circuit board easily – No soldering required
  • Includes base grid (11 x 7.7 inches), 3 1-snap wires, 6 2-snap wires, 3 3-snap wires, 4-snap wire, 5-snap wire, 6-snap wire, air fountain, ball for air fountain, spout for air fountain, 2 battery holders, rubber band, cross-shaped bar, 100muF capacitor, 1muF capacitor, cralwer body, cralwer parts, color light emitting diode, red/yellow bicolor light emitting diode, 1-inch gear, 2 1.75-inch gears, 2.55-inch gear, 3.3-inch gear, geared motor, black jumper wire, red jumper wire, light motor, mini-car, merry-go-round base, 4-piece set of disc cut-outs, 9-piece set of cardboard figures, airplane parts, pivot stand, 0.9-inch pulley, 1.3-inch pulley, 2.1-inch pulley, NPN transistor, adjustable resistor, 2 rubber rings, slide switch, vibration switch, switcher, tilt switch, 2 PAW screws, 2 PA screws, speaker, alarm IC, motion detector, blue stand
  • Highly detailed 82-page instruction booklet and project guide included
  • Requires 4 AA batteries – not included
  • Made of strong plastic and metal materials

Introduce your child to the exciting world of electronics with Snap Circuits Motion. This award-winning kit allows children to learn about electronic circuits and mechanical physics while having fun and being creative.


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