June 15, 2024

Samsung Galaxy Note10

Display Size
6.3 in

Camera Resolution

16.0 MP|12.0 MP


Wireless Charging






Headphone Jack



Release Date



About the Samsung Galaxy Note10

The Samsung Galaxy Note10 offers the same features previous Note users have loved while also boasting some improvements. If you’re in the market for an Android smartphone, it deserves serious consideration.

How is the Note10 Different from Previous Versions?

Let’s start with the cosmetic changes. If you care just as much about how a phone looks as how it functions, you’ll be pleased to know the Note10 has 11 color options. Among the choices is the eye-catching Aura Glow, a color-changing feast for the eyes that shows shades of blue, green, purple, yellow, red, and more depending on how the light hits it. Other significant differences in the Samsung Galaxy Note10 include:

  • No More 3.5-Millimeter Headphone Jack: Samsung has axed the headphone jack on the newest Note model. Instead, wireless headphones like Galaxy Buds are available.
  • New S Pen Features: The S Pen is a handy tool that has long made the Galaxy Note a standout device, and with the Note10, the S Pen has even more features. When using the S Pen as a camera remote, you can use Air Actions where pointing the stylus will get you different functions. The new Air Doodle feature lets you draw accessories on top of people’s photos in real time.
  • Better Cameras: The Note10 has a rear triple camera (wide 16MP + main 12MP dual-aperture + zoom 12MP) compared to the double rear in the previous model. The front camera also sees improvement with a jump from 8MP to 10MP for high-quality selfies.


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